While doing a photoshoot, the last thing I worry about is the technique.. I’m always looking for the feelings, the moments, the story that brought the scene to me …
Taha Akkari Owner
Because We Care About Your Memories
What’s more precious than memories? Perhaps, one of the greatest inventions of all time is the camera. The very thought of seizing a moment and stopping time when we’re having a rush of ineffable feelings is just mesmerizing to me. So, I wanted to be a part of something exceptional, something that makes reminiscing an unforgettable experience.
It all started from my bedroom, where I thought to myself that I must make a fusion between both my passion for cinematography and creating wonderful moments for everyone around me.
When we watch a movie, we relate to certain characters, and we get deeply emotional about certain scenes. These things could move us forever. I wanted to do exactly that. To move people.
MSWR came to life after I met a few people that shared the same dream. Though it was quite difficult to assemble an impeccable team, I got really lucky when I found the missing piece to my puzzle. And that’s when the photo was perfect clear and beautiful.